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Gasketing & Sealing

Essentra offers a wide range of foam materials to meet your application needs. These materials are used for environmental sealing, vibration isolation, sound dampening and shock resistance. Custom shapes, sizes and configurations are available for your specific design requirements.

Design Tips

Material And Application Considerations

When selecting a material for your application, various factors must be considered. Some of those key considerations include:

Environmental Factors
Other Considerations

General Assembly

Essentra double sided tapes are available in various thicknesses for bonding close fitting parts or irregular surfaces and gaps. Available choices include foam core, film, tissue or transfer tapes. These tapes offer quick attachment of components during the assembly process. Whether attachment is for fixturing between build stages or a permanent bond, Essentra has a solution for your needs.

Foam Tapes

Benefits of Foam Tape

Design Tips

Film, Tissue And Transfer Tapes

Benefits of Film, Tissue and Transfer Tapes

Duraco High Bond ©

Duraco High Bond (DHB) tapes are a high performance bonding alternative to mechanical fasteners and adhesives. DHB tapes can isolate vibration and distribute stress unlike mechanical fasteners. No special tool or equipment is needed to apply tapes. Tapes are easy to apply and offer a clean appearance. DHB can also function as an environmental seal and protect your assemblies from air, moisture, dust and more.

Performance Characteristics Of DHB
Available Options


Caps & Plugs

Protect fittings and vital components against damage, dirt, moisture and corrosion with durable, easy to install Caps & Plugs from Essentra. In white goods, you’ll find our caps at the back of washing machines to cap off hoses with a water tight finish. These dip molded caps are consumer friendly, easy to remove and protects residual water from spilling out during installation.


Our extensive range of fastening products provide thousands of solutions for securing wiring together. Rivets supply a semi-permanent hold while fasteners attach panels for a clean, finished look. Additional products include a variety of nuts, bolts, screws, washers and spacers. Whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent hold, our fastening solutions provide a perfect fit for industrial applications. *Color matching available.

PCB & Electronic Hardware

Our offering for Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) and electronics hardware in the industrial market includes push in spacers, supports, threaded standoffs and fan accessories. Our PCB spacers, supports and standoffs neatly arrange and space wiring. Our fan accessories offer unique options for mounting, protecting and filtering fans.

Cable Management

We offer a variety of solutions to manage excess wires. From twist ties and wire saddles to cable ties, straps and mounts; our products will help you seamlessly organize and arrange cables. Grommets and bushings are also available for protection, insulation and mechanical dampening.