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Essentra is committed to the prevention of pollution. We have established objectives and targets that will help us comply with applicable legal and other regulations. We will use environmentally safe, sustainable and recyclable resources whenever possible. We will educate and train our employees in the requirements of our Environmental Management System (EMS) and we are dedicated to maintaining open lines of communication with internal and external customers of the company regarding Essentra’s impact on the environment. We will periodically review and revise our Environmental Management System (EMS) to ensure compliance and continual improvement of the EMS.

List of Objectives and Targets for 2014:

  1. Maintain General Recycling Total Tons within +/- 5% from the previous year to date total by quarters.
  2. Increase the Correction/Preventive Action (CAPA) on time completion rate at 80%.
  3. Increase EHS Participation levels by adding additional EHS presentations by 30% from the year 2013. Establish a calendar of events for the year. Create a campaign and post a large posting on the wall to make this a focal point.
  4. Increase the hazard reporting within the facility by 60% by implementing a behavioral performance based program to reduce the risk of injuries or accidents.

Vice-President of Operations - David Coughlin

Environmental Manager - William J. Vasa